My favorite parts of the day:

* family prayer via speaker phone

* watching and hearing Evan laugh on the swing

* hearing Zane laugh on the swing (I was pushing so I couldn't technically see it)

* preschool park day potluck (I sure wish there was a potluck to attend each day somewhere. The curry dish was the best. Pesto salad- not so much).

* seeing Evan gnaw on grown-up food from my hand like a baby bird

* the urgent care doctor telling me I have well-behaved children (funny how illness brings the energy down to regular, if only he saw us on a typical healthy day)

* getting medicine for my kids at 8pm. It's the first pharmacy in my town I have found to be open 24/7.

* millions of smiles from Evan from morning until night

* watching Zane eat his cheeseburger

* ending the evening with a long distance smooch