On repeat this week while running. Nothing new or dangerous. Just the killers. While I keep running and waiting for my bum to get as firm as my shoulders.


First Day

Batman shirt was his first day of school request. I used to hate character shirts until I saw what a nice ice breaker it is for boys and helps him make friends quicker. And it clues the teachers into what he likes. The Star Wars shirts tend to bring in the most commentary.


I remember going to the hospital when I was in labor with Sylvia. Mike was driving. He was very excited to meet his daughter. I was filled with fear and anxiety for all that comes before meeting the baby. I remember on that drive hearing his excitement while I was trying to find mine buried deep beneath the knowledge of active labor and delivery ahead of me.

From what I can recall, first grade was nothing like being in labor. However, Zane did tell me his tummy hurt. This year he also said he was nervous and scared- words we wasn't able to form last year in association with the stomach aches. He clutched onto my arm as I said goodbye, he begged me to stay. All morning I was excited for his first day, much like Mike on delivery day as Zane sat stone faced and white. But I also felt stabs of concern for his lack of comfort. I hate being so far away from him for so many hours of the day. But I know he's learning and growing and making friends and figuring out school.

I delivered supplies to my teachers and wanted to give them hugs for taking care of my little boy all day long. I wanted to tell them how grateful I am that they are teachers, taking time away from their own children to teach my son. Getting paid nowhere near enough for the work of the day or even close to the measure of impact they have on the lives of our children.


As I was getting ready to take Zane to school, Evan came running out with his rain boots on "I'm ready for school mom!"

New low socks this year, I think the bigger ones we used to use look like leg warmers. Had to pick the shoes his cousin Cannon has! His hero. I told him if he ever felt nervous during the day to look at his shoes and think about playing video games with Cannon and that would make him happy.


What will the day be like without brothers fighting?
We met the little girl next to him at the dollar store during the summer! She recognized Zane and ended up being in his class this year. Her mom said she talks a lot. It's true. Both at meet the teacher and on the first day she never stopped talking. I love this little girl. I know she is going to be a good helper for Zane. Can you tell he wants to throw up from nerves?


home sweet home

If Mike ever came home in the middle of the afternoon while we were out running errands, he would call the police. He would absolutely think the house had been broken into and ransacked.

No, I don't know if anything has been stolen, officer, I just know my wife would never leave the house looking this way!

Well. Mama just waits until the end of the week, I mean, um day, to clean up. It's more fun that way. Then every day it's like playing inside of an obstacle course!

At least the kitchen is clean! But that's only because my mom came over yesterday.



You know what's great about 2 year olds? They love to be naked. And use the dishwasher utencil holder for their cars. They love their mommy. And ADORE their daddy. Smile a ton in the pool. Find toys fascinating.

And love their mommy. Oh and the loving their mommy part is awesome.


play out our lives

I didn't run very fast today. Because I chose to listen to The Cure for some reason. The album Wild Mood Swings was my choice and it proved to not be so movitating for my feet. I can't find any decent links to my favorite songs on the album, but This Is A Lie was rumored to be one of the only songs his wife Mary questioned him on. And asked him it was how he really felt. I hear it a lot differently now. Beautiful musically, sort of sad lyrically. I like that we only choose one and I would keep choosing mine over and over again.


Americal Girl Doll has nothing on her.

I love this outfit on Sylvia, thanks Beka and Brandon. It reminds me of the video for Come on Eileen by Dexy's Midnight Runners. Does anyone else besides my mom remember that video?

First the blurry edition. Love the finger point.

Then the in-focus picture....Taa Daaaa!
And the sitting down shot.

Finally, the back view of her adorable outfit.

I really could do this every day with all of her clothes. She's like a little doll. Only waaaaaaaaay better. And now without further ado, the previously mentioned video.


I really like this song today.

It has been a while since I have listened to Death Cab. They never fail to disappoint. This one's called Transatlanticism.


for the kitchen

Look how awesome this is- you can print it out for free here and frame it to plan your meals for the week with a dry erase marker! I love the design of it. I saw this on How About Orange.

more indie goods

Alpha Rev is a band that I won't be running to on the treadmill, however, I do think it's a good driving/ cleaning the house kind of mood music that deserves a little listen- see below. I think they'll be around a bit.

Reminds me a lot of how I feel when I listen to David Gray. Inspired and calm and fresh like linen.


Team Bored

Do you think he's tired of posing this way all the time? The whole scray vampire head tilt down/ sexy bedroom eyes pose? It's eveywhere I look and I'm not even looking for it. My cup from the fast food vendor. Every store I walk into. On the back of Mike's underwear. Did you know they are screenprinting his face on garments now? I can't escape it.

I'm ready to see him on the beach in bright orange swim trunks, tossing a frisbee and laughing.

Holding a cute baby in the air above his head and making a fish face, eyes wide and happy.

Maybe a mohawk, a red one, with an angry face. Two backwards fingers held up to the camera.

Nerdy glasses on, hair parted firmly to the side in a smart business suit and chin up. Cover of Forbes.

Even a cowboy hat while propped on a horse would be new and different. I could even forgive cowboy boots.

Something. Anything. Just change it up already Edward!


the e man

It's really hard to get a bad photo of Evan.

I keep trying only to find myself

defeated by his ability

to stun me with cuteness