Prop 100. Again.

Tuesday I went to a Chandler School District meeting that outlined the budget cuts that will be made even if Prop 100 passes. We looked at all the cuts that have been made prior to this year already. Then a look at what happens if Prop 100 doesn't pass. It was scary to say the least.

At the end a reporter spoke with me about some comments I made and ended up quoting me in her article. I loved meeting her, envy her job, and I am happy she is covering the story.

Read it here.

If you didn't do mail-in, please vote May 18th.


it's been a really good week

I love being a mom. I've had a lot of fun with it- this week especially.

First love letter!

"to Zane Fum . Matti. {heart- colored in carefully} like you Zane."
We promptly put it up in his room. I love school. His backpack each day is like a treasure trove. It's normally filled with scraps of paper that say 'I love mom' or words he copied off another paper.
I adore this little girl- I totally spied her on the field trip and she's adorable. Don't even think I will hesitate to sneak a photo of her at today's field day. ps. we were super happy to discover 'Matti' was in fact a girl, not a boy.


informative letter to daughter

Dear Sylvia,

One day you may fall in love. And marry. And may want and perhaps be blessed to grow a baby and have a family. If so, you may also choose to breastfeed. If you do, I will commend you because it is an adjustment to say the least. And I want you to know I warned you. That one morning when your milk comes in for the first time your breasts will pretty much resemble this grapefruit by texture, size, and weight. And it really hurts. And your husband's eyes will get wide as saucers and his smile will consume his face and he will say SWEET JEEBUS while rubbing his hands together in delight! And you will curse him for the thought of even coming near them. But! It goes away. The pain and lumpy bits and all. And you might even do it all over again. And again.



who has pink toes?!
ps. do you have any idea how hard it is to get a picture of the top of a baby's toes when she is at the crawling/ standing/ crawling phase? It's like trying to catch a butterfly with chopsticks using one finger.



This year our son has progressed by leaps and bounds because there was a program in place ready to support him. He has completely mainstreamed into a typical classroom as of this week only because of the support available to him and his teachers. Without these awesome teachers and the paraprofessionals supporting him who knows when he would have been ready for a typical class. This is one small, but important to me, example of why Prop 100 should be a big fat yes. Our schools need our support, especially for kids like mine that would really struggle with a drastic class size increase.


For Arizona, please vote May 18th. And if you feel so inclined, I encourage you to vote yes on Prop 100.

The PASSING of Proposition 100 (Sales Tax Vote) will mean to the state:
· 1 cent sales tax increase will result in about $15 a family per month
· Sales tax increase will end in the three years
· Two-Thirds will be used for the state EDUCATION BUDGET

What the PASSING of Proposition 100 will mean to Chandler USD:
- Chandler USD faces 14 million dollars in cuts for 2010-2011
- No significant increases in class size
- No loss of staff size or decrease in teacher salaries
- No significant changes to programs

What the FAILURE of Proposition 100 will mean to Chandler USD:
- 28 million dollars in cuts for 2010-2011
- Significant cuts in support services to our students
- Significant increase in student-teacher ratios
You can register AND vote from home!

- Voter registration (April 18th is deadline for May election)

- Early Ballot (April 30th is deadline for May election)https://recorder.maricopa.gov/earlyvoteballotnet/evbrequest.aspx


I always hoped my two boys would be close. Turns out all you need is 1 DS.


10 months x 3

SYLVIA at 10 months:

EVAN at 10 months:
ZANE at 10 months:


Date Night

Go see the movie Date Night. Completely hilarious for both man and wife. Full of twists. Two thumbs up.



I love how her chicken and cauliflower dinner matched her chair.


Mike's grandmother passed away recently. I found myself wondering about many things. Firstly, the grieving process and how I can support my husband through the many feelings that come with losing a loved one. The day she died we gathered together with his family. I remember driving to Mike's parent's home and noticing the sky. It was filled with gray clouds, but there was this persistent, golden sun pushing through and blasting a stunning collection of rays down onto the valley. She wasn't my own grandmother, so my own feelings weren't as strong as I imagine they will be when it is my own grandmother. But the sky reflected how I felt about death: sad but with amazing brightness and glory for what I believe the afterlife must hold.



Fake food was added to the lunch box in stealth mode this morning. I hope he thought it was funny.

Happy April Fool's Day!