It's always best to ride a scooter with elephant ears on, I say. It's been a beautiful outdoor play kind of morning.

He just learned how to ride a bike with no training wheels (sans the ears)!

I had a nice trip away, but man nothing feels better than being home with my whole family. I missed my loud and crazy crew!


a simple Thursday

I woke up this morning feeling blue about autism. Yesterday's rough day at school for my son hit me hard in the gut and snagged my heart. Those days are hard for me to recover from. Because I can't make it better. I can't fix it. And it's not going to go away. It's part of him forever and once in a while out of the blue it will slap my face hard. Today I woke up and we prayed on our knees together. Zane and I. For him to be able to tell me what he needs. What makes him anxious. Or just anything I should know about what will let me help him. I made a conscience effort to push it from my mind and allowed myself to be comforted by Mike's words and The Holy Spirit. Ick this is starting to sound like a cheesy Ensign article. I didn't know what I would plan for the day, but for sure knew I would: 1) extend my time wearing pajama pants by several hours 2) listen to Wendy Time by The Cure- random song that popped into my head this morning 3) blow bubbles with the kids outside in the perfect weather 4) eat a big pile of nachos 5) appreciate my friends 6) mop my floor 7) tickle my kids as much as possible because nothing cures the blues like their laughter! 8) kiss Mike on the mouth when he comes home tonight from a week away Which then reminded me how happy Doing the Unstuck makes me! Let's get happy!


of sticks

Walking through the store to find my lesson location I probably look out of place. I have the only Soccer Mom car in the whole parking lot. Everyone I pass from entrance door one to exit door two is covered in tattoos. I want to skip through the store. I am so pleased I have found this time carved out of my life just for me- a tiny little nugget of independence and freedom and creativity and music. I then cross a street to another building where they sell the pianos. My lesson is in the back. My vans with the triple threat velcro straps squeak as I hurry past the ivory keys completely turning my nose up at them. I have never had interest in you, piano, for drums have always had my eye.

I plop my fancy purse on the floor and see the faint outline of a clean, folded up diaper peeking out. I slide the pink sticks from my bag remembering that Evan chose pink for his mommy. I had been using old tattered sticks from my first instructor. These are my first new sticks, so any marks are mine. I find pleasure in the dents and dings that are forming from hitting the crash cymbol fiercely. It means I am playing again. It's really the best thing I have ever done for myself: getting my drum kit and learning how to play it. I hope I never stop or take a long break ever again.



Check out this awesome purse! I know, since when did I start checking out purses? I dunno, but this one totally reminds me of Lamar from Revenge of the Nerds. Remember his sunglasses?! I sure hope when they designed this purse he was the inspiration. Odds are slim that is the case, but let's pretend it is.