I know March is near

....when my Lantanas begin to flower! My new favorite month in AZ is March because it brings blossoms and butterflies.

Honorable mention: these smell awesome.


but never pearly white

Tokyo Police Club is playing at Coachella this year. Yay for them. I like their sounds. That's all.



My friend Kristina has adorable twins. I wish I had these outfits for myself in both colors, they look so cozy.

Newborns have all the luck.
Oh, and so do little girls with awesome red hair. I can't wait to pull off this hairdo on Sylvie someday.


orange you glad I didn't say banana

I must admit. It's kinda nice that winter in Arizona means pulling some oranges off the tree and having some fresh orange juice in between sprinkler runs. Yesterday was perfectly warm.


all in a day

Sometimes one member of the family just has a rockin' day where loads of goods things are going on. I wish I could make every day the best day ever for every family member. I think today was a good day for all of us (minus me from 5pm to 8pm that time usually blows).

Zane ate lots of boogers. He tells us they taste good. So I'm pretty sure that made his day good. Plus he talked to cousin Lindsey and she's home and healing. That was awesome to hear. AND he reported he went down the pole at the playground at school without falling on his back!

Evan played at the park today. AND scored swigs of my soda. AND had water play outside at home. AND had a bubble bath. He might be the winner for happiest family member today.

I fell in love with a white 1955 Ford Fairlane in the parking lot at the gym. And guess what. I didn't even lick it or touch it like I wanted to. Nice job on the self control, Liz.

Sylvia chewed on the rail of the pack n' play and wore a cute outfit today. Three, actually, three cute outfits today. I bet that made her happy. And she stood a lot with a variety of support items (ie. wall, furniture, glass door). She's really branching out and exploring the house. AND I bet she loved her bath in the kitchen sink.

We had breakfast for dinner and that just all around rocks for everyone. Everyone eats. No one complains. And it took zero planning.
I would say all in all we had a great day. Minus putting the 3 kids to bed. By myself. That part needs some work in the happy department.


she hopes you had a Happy V Day

In other news....when I don't comb her hair she looks pretty similar to the lead singer in my friend's fave band Motion City Soundtrack.



My little niece Linsdsey is my hero. Her little body just went through major surgery to correct her spine. She is recovering now and doing well. As she continues to heal and adjust to her new, straight back, your prayers for her would be awesome as she copes with pain.

I remember being there for her first surgery and seeing her make a silly fish face after waking up. I wish I was there getting her a big bag of cheetos and appreciating her witty humor in person as she continues to amaze us.

old photos from 2007



I learned today the odors of sliced salami and broccoli farts and baby diariah diapers= same scent.