report shoes

I know it looks like an odd color of brown, but they match the stitching of most dark jeans. Made by Report.



I found my pear solution! From my best friend from New York days Lindsey Johnson and her currently retired food blog Cafe Johnsonia. These are her photos.

My goal is to make some sort of version of this pie gluten- free. Through the link you can find her Pear-Butterscotch Pie recipe.


evan circa 2008

Sometimes I like to sit on the floor (the chairs are always taken!) at the book store and soak up inspiration in the photography section. And then dream of all the ways I want to be more creative this year. And then appreciate all the moments I have had the luxury of catching of my little children as they grow up. Learning to eat peas.


suckers from Mary

Sample of my day- the girl's laundry, the boy's dirty shoes and a bottle to refill.

The onions reminded me of the days of being a nursing mother. Rotund onions they are.


Super stoked about the produce co-op I joined in on. I wonder how much Mike will get to ejoy by the time he gets home at the end of the week. Maybe I will let him handle the onions. Random, but happy, for the 4 fortune cookies! I hope every week has a random little thing like that. Next week could be chop sticks. Or perhaps those edible wax lips from the 80's. Or a pack of Big League Chewing Gum (grape please). I love the unknown that comes with this box each week. With it come treats I know we all love and also the challenge for the week. This week: Pears. Must find something to do with all these pears.


It's not often I feel the urge to punch the television screen. Until the kids show The Fresh Beat Band appeared. And kept reappearing. It's a nightmare. I can't escape it. It's worse than Elmo's voice. It's banned from viewing in my home. But. The lengthy commercials continue to appear just about as often as a GNR video would appear on MTV in the early 90's.

There. It's out. Now I feel better.



My husband, he calls our daughter Little Sylvie Gumdrops. And it melts my heart every time.


Dear Mike,

You know you miss my knickers and sexy socks. The look I pull off first thing in the morning...nothin' better.

ps. It got a little windy last night. Glad it was only the grill and table that flipped over and not your airplane.


the fam

our sunday photo, etc.

don't call it a comeback


December didn't quite go as planned for me and my family. Pretty much the understatement of 2009.

2010, however, will rock and also be filled with (no doubt) challenging moments, but also bright & shiny AWESOME (which happens to be Zane's latest and greatest fave word and it makes me smile every time).

The talented and awesome Lowe Photography took some really great shots.

Presenting: The Second Annual Christmas Card That Never Was.