suckers from Mary

Sample of my day- the girl's laundry, the boy's dirty shoes and a bottle to refill.

The onions reminded me of the days of being a nursing mother. Rotund onions they are.


Super stoked about the produce co-op I joined in on. I wonder how much Mike will get to ejoy by the time he gets home at the end of the week. Maybe I will let him handle the onions. Random, but happy, for the 4 fortune cookies! I hope every week has a random little thing like that. Next week could be chop sticks. Or perhaps those edible wax lips from the 80's. Or a pack of Big League Chewing Gum (grape please). I love the unknown that comes with this box each week. With it come treats I know we all love and also the challenge for the week. This week: Pears. Must find something to do with all these pears.