This year our son has progressed by leaps and bounds because there was a program in place ready to support him. He has completely mainstreamed into a typical classroom as of this week only because of the support available to him and his teachers. Without these awesome teachers and the paraprofessionals supporting him who knows when he would have been ready for a typical class. This is one small, but important to me, example of why Prop 100 should be a big fat yes. Our schools need our support, especially for kids like mine that would really struggle with a drastic class size increase.


For Arizona, please vote May 18th. And if you feel so inclined, I encourage you to vote yes on Prop 100.

The PASSING of Proposition 100 (Sales Tax Vote) will mean to the state:
· 1 cent sales tax increase will result in about $15 a family per month
· Sales tax increase will end in the three years
· Two-Thirds will be used for the state EDUCATION BUDGET

What the PASSING of Proposition 100 will mean to Chandler USD:
- Chandler USD faces 14 million dollars in cuts for 2010-2011
- No significant increases in class size
- No loss of staff size or decrease in teacher salaries
- No significant changes to programs

What the FAILURE of Proposition 100 will mean to Chandler USD:
- 28 million dollars in cuts for 2010-2011
- Significant cuts in support services to our students
- Significant increase in student-teacher ratios
You can register AND vote from home!

- Voter registration (April 18th is deadline for May election)

- Early Ballot (April 30th is deadline for May election)https://recorder.maricopa.gov/earlyvoteballotnet/evbrequest.aspx