informative letter to daughter

Dear Sylvia,

One day you may fall in love. And marry. And may want and perhaps be blessed to grow a baby and have a family. If so, you may also choose to breastfeed. If you do, I will commend you because it is an adjustment to say the least. And I want you to know I warned you. That one morning when your milk comes in for the first time your breasts will pretty much resemble this grapefruit by texture, size, and weight. And it really hurts. And your husband's eyes will get wide as saucers and his smile will consume his face and he will say SWEET JEEBUS while rubbing his hands together in delight! And you will curse him for the thought of even coming near them. But! It goes away. The pain and lumpy bits and all. And you might even do it all over again. And again.