Team Bored

Do you think he's tired of posing this way all the time? The whole scray vampire head tilt down/ sexy bedroom eyes pose? It's eveywhere I look and I'm not even looking for it. My cup from the fast food vendor. Every store I walk into. On the back of Mike's underwear. Did you know they are screenprinting his face on garments now? I can't escape it.

I'm ready to see him on the beach in bright orange swim trunks, tossing a frisbee and laughing.

Holding a cute baby in the air above his head and making a fish face, eyes wide and happy.

Maybe a mohawk, a red one, with an angry face. Two backwards fingers held up to the camera.

Nerdy glasses on, hair parted firmly to the side in a smart business suit and chin up. Cover of Forbes.

Even a cowboy hat while propped on a horse would be new and different. I could even forgive cowboy boots.

Something. Anything. Just change it up already Edward!