99 cans of refriedbeansonthewall.....

Don't tell the people that might assist us with our move, but we started to take this whole food storage a little more seriously this year. It's funny how Mike's approach and mine are entirely different.

Me: I pour over as many samples of food storage ideas as possible, chart out gluten-free substitutes needed to create a seperate stock pile for him, brainstorm a rotation strategy on excel, draw up a replenishment plan with its own grocery shopping system and routine. I make it incredibly complicated because I think the whole idea needs to be efficient and proper and blend naturally into our regular food supply of items I typically cook with. Not that we would turn our noses to refried beans if it was all we had, but it just makes sense to me that we store foods we could regularly eat and rotate in.

Mike: Thinks about it for 3 minutes. While shopping at Costco. Brings home several cases of canned food we almost never eat.

It's like that interview questions we would both answer differently. What is better: a good solution now or a better solution later. His good solution now answer makes sense, so I will rework my detailed plans around what we have and determine what needs to be added. And grin a little when I stare at 4500 cans of GARBANZO BEANS greeting me each morning when I open the pantry.


Feeding a baby is all different now, according to my doctor. Babies starting solid finger foods can have anything but honey before age 1. No more allergy concerns according to recent studies. Peanut butter, cow's milk, cheese, yogurt, it's all a green light! The great news is he is basically open to anything and I am taking complete nutritional advantage of that.

He smiles gleefully at his highchair, suspecting nothing while my master plan cooks in my head and my hands rub with scheming pleasure.

Enter Ammendment One to my food storage strategy: Evan.

It's like that game spoons when the winner of that round of cards gets to put any kind of food on a spoon for the loser to eat blindfolded. Only Evan isn't a loser. He is a winner. A winner who is going to learn to like all sorts of different beans this year.