From Bangkok to Calgary

My friend Alysha introduced me to DCFC in the early New York days. I stumbled and tripped into love with the sound of them. I couldn't wait to get my hands on more. I was so thrilled to realize they already had several albums out by that time. Jackpot. I love finding a new-to-me band with a history of albums to explore just waiting to be loved. It's like musical Christmas. So much better than falling for a band to find them waiting 4 more years (or never) to put another album out (Postal Service). Or the guy commits suicide like a total punk (Elliot)- I can't possibly like your music now, that's so lame to do to yourself!

I proceeded to gather all I could get burned for me and then purchased anything remaining to try and memorize every word and beat and breath produced. I think it was a solid year before I listened to anything else new. It was pleasing to have so many of their discs fresh in rotation that I didn't yearn for anything else for some time.

Right before I left New York for good, I got to see them live with one of my favorite buddies ever, Lindsey. It was so fun to leave our kiddies at home, meet at the platform train, and hit The City for a fun night. I always forget how much live music edifies me and always wonder why I don't make the effort to go more often.

Strangely, few people stood, barely a foot was tapping to the beat and only a handful were dancing on the floor. I felt like I was hanging out at a lounge, people just sitting about. I was the fool, only one standing and belting out the lyrics from the seats. Poor Lindsey, she was probably so glad I was moving so she wouldn't have to be seen with me at a concert again. I liked the intimate room we were situated in and how it was set up like a large, rounded movie theater.


Over the weekend I got to see them again. Interestingly, with another all-time favorite friend (Tara) I am saying goodbye to in a couple short weeks. I offered her the courtesy 'I sing along' warning Lindsey should have been offered. She still agreed to go.

I had no idea what the Berkeley venue would be, just that it was near campus. We squeaked into dorm parking just as the band took the stage. As we located Will Call and then the entrance, the crowd went wild during my favorite drumming part of the song Crooked Teeth. I think my body elevated about 2 feet.

As we got through the entrance into the outdoor stadium, I swear I felt like we were entering the coliseum in Rome. It was a huge bowl curved up to the sky and filled with people. Possibly the most people in one space I have seen at a concert in my experience. And EVERY. SEAT. WAS. FILLED. Wow. I had no idea how incredibly massive of a following these guys have pulled together over the years. I was so happy to see what a success they are. I was so proud for these boys for putting their sounds together and really making it. They could have played zero songs and that moment still would have been enough for me.
But then the whole enormous audience had to go and chant along with some of my favorite songs and it was like the world having a group hug. There's something so magical and happy about being in a large space with a bunch of other people enjoying the same thing you didn't know so many other people also liked.

We ended up standing in front of loyal 12 year old male fans, which turns out to be wonderful on many levels.

1) no beer spillage on our shoes

2) minimal contact buzz (Tara pointed this one out)

3) my singing doesn't sound nearly as bad as the puberty exploding voices behind us

4) you can arrive late to the show, stand directly in front of them and they aren't going to do anything about it

Another crowd perk in our area was the hip hop guy. I only write about him so I won't forget. He was busting out serious moves and singing every word. My personal favorite was his boxing arms along with the mellow beat to Follow You Into The Dark. It's always nice to see a band that brings all sorts to a show. He was so feeling it way more than even the lead singer.

I also like how we respectively left our homes asking 'does this make me look like a mom?' and then 30 minutes later the security guy in the parking lot asked us if we remembered our college years. Was it that long ago? Should I have gone with the green shirt instead?