summer kicks

Shopping for flip floppers for the summer I discovered a new-to-me brand of shoe I really like. I saw them at Sports Basement, it's Sanuk. I loved how their products look and feel. I came super close to purchasing these men's shoe for myself, but they were a tad too wide for my feet.

They recently designed this cool Sidewalk Surfer style that is basically flip flops with a cover. Looks perfect for summers if you hate the sand in your toes, but want lightweight sockless feet. I would like to consider this a far better alternative to crocs, people. Let's give it a shot. It's true, the crocs officially get a thumbs down in my book.

So......onward to the women's selection:

I like the sexy little wedge on these:
I love wearing these with shorts and casual park skirts:
These are on my list to wear with sundresses and pretty skirts:

These eco-friendly Simples make your toes point to the sky. Not so comfy. And there are other ways I can be more eco-friendly. Buying recycled shoes probably shouldn't be at the top of my list. Maybe buying ZERO shoes might be more effective.

Finally, the best place to buy shoes online: Zappos