Once upon a time in Orinda

He did it, he learned to ride a skateboard today.

Was there redirecting? You bet. Was there frustration and trying again? Brilliantly YES. I was rather nervous this morning, worried he would get hurt and not completely certain this was the right year for him to go for it. I am glad I didn't cancel.

A few times he got distracted while Glenn Danzig was trying to show or tell him something. It cracked us both up. Okay probably me a whole lot more, maybe him a couple of times.

"Is that bug nice to kids?"

"Wow I like your back yard!"

"Look at THAT bug!"

"My dad's name is Mike"

"Yeah, this is my dad's skateboard"

"Wow look, a bug!"

"Why are your wheels all dirty?"

"I am getting my OWN skateboard for my birthday. It's on July 10th"

"Where are the kids at? Do you have any kids, Peter?"

My favorite distractions were the times he would blatantly walk away from Glenn Danzig and run up the ramp and slide down on his knee pads. That turned out to be his reward for trying his new *trick* a couple more times.

It was cool to see him try over and over and watch him want it. He wanted to do what he was trying and even though he would fume "I can't do it!" he would get back on the board and try again. He would lose interest after about 10-15 minutes and then take a break (potty or popsicle) before going back out to try it again. It was expected and Glenn Danzig worked well with him that way.
It was nice for me to ask Glenn Danzig questions so I could carry the teaching torch on my own. I feel fully confident in helping Zane learn his balance and just working with him on it whenever he wants. I love that I got to share something with my son that I have interest in and I can offer assistance in. I like that I can use words I know he will understand to help him learn.

He actually skated by himself before we left (see top photo), so he did what we went to do. And we ended the session when he was all done and tired, which happened to be at the 1 hour mark. He worked hard and enjoyed himself and felt super proud.

My only regret is not getting a picture of the guy who had on the Misfits T-shirt at Burger King on the way home. No joke, was it meant to be or what? I came [--this--] close to going into the restaurant to find him just for you people.

Now, who wants to help me build a ramp like this in my back yard?