twin forces unite!

I love reading about twins, so I hope their moms don't mind me sharing their links and their photos. Although a hard I could not imagine, I think one of the cool things about twins (especially if it's your first go at parenthood) is that you would immediately learn how each child comes to you the way they are. That they are each different even if you parent exactly the same, so you might be able to skip that whole 'what am I doing wrong, why is X behavior an issue' part of parenting some new moms face. You would get to see them for their sameness and their unique traits. That's been fun about my second child, being able to tell more what is baby generic and what is Evan specific. Anyway- it's fun to watch twins grow.

1) My friend, Jen, that I met in NY has the most fresh batch. She gave Zane his first official hair cut so she will always hold a special spot in my heart. These are her boys Phoenix and Ashton . Cute as buttons.

2) Then another friend, Jen, I met in here in CA. They will forever win best twin costumes in my book. Meet Merrick and Berkleigh. DARLINGS.

3) And Sharon is a mom with twins in the Bay Area I have never met. I found her on my friend's sister's blogroll. This is Owen and Oscar. Super adorable!