frank edwin wright III I am not.

When Zane began preschool several months ago, I was nervous. Not that he would miss me. But that he would get kicked out. At that time he was a toy thrower and still learning to use his words, so he would yank a toy away from a kid or hit them when he wanted to play with them. He is the one in the group to never sit still, has a hard time following directions unless there is a firm TIME OUT attached as a possible outcome. He thinks he runs the place everywhere he goes. I knew preschool would be no exception.

I was extra friendly with the teacher, discussing the things we were doing at home to teach obedience and wanted to make sure we were on the same page. She was always great about feedback, both positive and constructive. She never tried to sugar- coat it, we both knew openly he was one of the more busy boys in the class. So I knew as his mother it was my duty to offer anything and everything I could to establish a relationship with this woman so we could be a good team.

She was asking parents to sign up for sharing talents or skills the kids could learn from. I saw mothers sign up for gardening, one was a dentist, another making bread and butter from scratch, another painting pots, etc. Surely I couldn't teach them how to do succession planning or performance reviews. And even though I can pull together a thorough severance package, those skills did me no good at preschool. But. BUT. I could show the kids to keep a beat. My pathetic attempt to help out in the class was offering up a day with drums. She excitedly welcomed the idea and that's what we did this morning.

We arrived early, one complete drum kit and two kids in tow. I am still impressed with myself for getting all of it into the car myself (plus the stroller!). I taught them the names of each symbol and drum (snare, toms, base, hi-hat, ride) and had them guess which one they heard with their eyes closed while Zane hit one at a time. Then we practiced counting to four by clapping their hands slowly, then quickly. Now remember children, Tre Cool says all you need to do is count to four and repeat to be a drummer. I busted out some sick beats and then they took turns pounding on my drums. Zane, of course, roamed around like he ran the place just as I suspected. The rest of the class had fun and rocked out.

This is my favorite little dude who actually did very well keeping a steady rhythm and maintained a super serious face the whole time. I guess I should have lowered everything for them (oops).

Zane talks about how nice this little girl is to him all the time and even this morning told me he thinks she is pretty. Can you blame him, the girl has amazing hair! So naturally, I took the opportunity to have a secret photo shoot of her while she was drumming. Should I put her photo in a frame for his dresser so I can teach him to be a young stalker, just like the way his dear old mom was?

It was interesting to see the girls spent a little time on the drum kit, but for the boys to linger the whole time. I recorded this little video below of five of them rocking out together. It's a masterpiece!