I am getting my obsession time in with Evan when I put him to sleep. I always love to study how he is changing, how his feet are getting some sun, the lines on his lips forming in more detail, his hands getting bigger.
He is generally super sweet, although this weekend sick + teething = Evanezer Scrooge.

Although this is detail I normally reserve for their little loveletters on their private blog, I had to be proud of myself for taking a chance and getting some sleep photos of this kiddo. The toes poking out of the blanket TOTALLY made this attempt worth the chance of him waking up. I have countless sleep photos of Zane as a baby and they are some of my favorite, but too few of Evan.
And though the quality of these shots is usually on the weak side, they are samples of the more precious moments I have as a mother. Watching them sleep is normally prime time to reflect on who they are and where they came from and what rich blessings they are in my life.