sweeping the stage

I am trying out some links. I have resisted for so long because I don't want to participate in what feels like a pissing contest of who has more friends or friends of friends, etc. I fear linking is the new pokemon trading card. I don't want to play that game, however, I think there are a lot of strangers and friends with good stuff going on that might be interesting to you.

I am going with it for now as I do get boring from time to time (gasp!) and posting will be light during my summer move. And although the look of junky side lists makes me itch, I will try to ignore it for now. I plan to organize them better to easily identify the writers, designers, cooks, mags, etc. The only order I tried was the fam- they are by somewhat frequency in posting. I still have some friends' sites to link, so don't be hurt if you aren't there yet. I am just so tired and not very organized about my method of linking this evening.