the fam

Today's fam photo is brought to you by the fabulous Juanita! These are some of my favorites. Although by absolute most favs are turned sideways on the disc, so I don't know how to post them properly upright.

She did a super job mixing up the angles and trying different locations all over the temple grounds. Being creative and keeping track of little moments as the busy one would wander off, stealing bits of his personality as he roamed freely. And oops I should have worn a hat, my hair was all wacky on some of my favs.

This one below cracks me up cos both kids were just done at that moment. I am glad she gave me this one and didn't delete it. It's like we were jugglers at a circus. And now for the kid toss......one....two....three SWITCH!

Below are silly faces + Evan doing his backbend move, trying to bust free.