So if you ever need to run to Rite Aid or Walgreens for anything, Zane is pretty much the best pal to take with you. I am pretty certain it's his favorite place to visit.

It's always so much more fun with him because he is SUPER thrilled about every single thing in every single aisle. And secretly, I am too. I love spending time there wondering why the hell they would choose to carry bicycle tires, who in their right mind would think to go there for such a need. Or happen upon this tire and remember they need one, oh say, while picking up condoms. Let's see....extra large............ribbed..................oh a tire! Might as well pick one of those up as well. Now......where are the car headlights and garden hoses?

The most random stuff e v e r. But we love it, it's fun to roam around and play with things. We usually spend about 15 minutes trying on sunglasses and sometimes bifocals if we are daring. We take turns picking out the biggest ones and then Zane sings "shake your booty woot woot shake your booty raise the roof" while he looks in the little mirror with his arms in the running position, body bent over and booty wagging side to side. I snicker and enjoy that he is still unaware that people don't really dance in stores. It makes everyone passing by smile widely.

"What's this?" always gets a thorough explanation and sometimes demonstration at Walgreens.

WELL....(as I scan to see 4 people are standing in line for a prescription- as if 15 or 45 would have changed my fun). Go ahead and put it on the ground just like so and sit on it like a chair.


{that would be a fart sound, machine-gun style}

We burst into fits of giggles until we turn pink in the face- he is laying on the floor and I am crossing my legs. Evan peeks around in his stroller totally confused, if he could talk he would say "You two need to pull yourselves together!" Then I think how funny it would be to hear that sound 4 aisles over while looking at hair spray and I start my round of giggling all over again. Zane is amazed such a thing exits and can't learn its name fast enough. Whoopee Cushion is such a hard word for a little one, we call it a toot machine while heading over to the check-out. He is so proud to carry it and can't wait to show his dad.

Oh it was the most family fun once his father got home that night! I think it for sure tops the gnomes, glasses, toy cars, walking canes, heart rate machine and for sure the old school bike horn. Which actually scared him and made him cry once, he didn't know it would be so loud when he innocently squeezed the bulb. I had a hard time not cracking up because he doesn't frighten easily and COME ON it was a bike horn.

If the other two in the family weren't so damn serious in public we would have Family Home Evening at Walgreens every Monday.