So we got the house, the one we prefer the most!! Which really was a long process of looking at too many variations of cabinets, stucco, and beige all over the valley (it's really referred to as 'the valley of the sun' and a lot of people have cacti in their yards) . We landed with a spec home we were both smitten with. From this experience I have learned some things and I imagine many more still to come with each next step. The first thing I have learned is that I hope to never have a foreclosure. There are far too many out there. Looking on MLS and then walking through those that were taken by a bank was an erie feeling. It was like being in a western, actual tumble weeds would roll past my feet on some properties. And then someone would fall shot dead! from a balcony with spurs on his boots into a pool with green water and Swamp Thing living inside of it. Maybe it was more sci fi.


Things I forgot about living in Arizona:

1) lip balm left in the car melts

2) any cold beverage is no longer cold after the first drink

3) if you are out in the bright sun for a while and go inside, the room is black as if you are blind. you have to stand in one place for about 3 minutes to let your eyes adjust.

4) i get instant excema under my arms

5) ceiling fans dry out your sandwich bread

6) ceiling fans and shade is really the only way it's possible to live here

7) favorite street name: killardy. poor ardy. i wonder if he knows about this street and who he is. I wonder what he did to make someone so mad. So don't get in a fight with your wife the day before she makes a final decision on what to name that street!