It's rather fitting that today I packed our very first box that will end up in our very first home in a matter of weeks. It's darling that it is a box full of toys for the two children we have. It's quaint this is the 9 year mark of the first night we (ahem) got freak diddly doo. BOW CHICKA BOW BOW.

It's even better that the box is one that previously contained adult briefs. The kind grown-ups pee in (shout out to friend Tara with the generous hook-ups via work). I have another 50 of those left before I start on the plain browns. I can't wait to have our AZ friends scan the boxes they put down so I can turn and whisper it's Mike, he has some urinary problems, he doesn't like to talk about it much. Then I will walk behind him and crinkle plastic bags in my pocket each time he takes a step.

Happy Anniversary, my love. Did you ever dream I would be so romantic?