photos circa dec. 2006

....So I finally called this character they say teaches kids to skateboard. He is sponsored by an East Bay skate shop and a few miscellaneous low-key skate brands. I have been referred to him by a few people and find it may be the only chance to hook a brother up, er I mean son, with a decent lesson before we leave. I can only offer valuable input on what to wear, the kind of board to get, and how to put a helmet on. From there I pretty much suck and eat concrete.
Although I can ollie! In the grass. Holding on to something.

Zane has expressed interest and seems to have balance, but who knows how it will actually go. If last summer's soccer attempt is any indication of how it's going to go, then I am pretty sure he will kick the guy in the shins and run away.

The best part: the guy's name is Peter Danzig. But I decided we are going to call him Glenn Danzig. And we are going to show up each wearing a Misfits T-shirt. And he is going to have to be alright with it.

I think it would be really cool to hang out with my oldest son in this skate park by our house with our boards before we leave California. And if it doesn't work out that way, I am happy to bring toy trucks and roll them around in the bowl. I am going to miss this place. All of it.