his favorite buddy

I have a blog [called Dear Zane & Evan] where I write about and to my boys. I often post pictures, talk about lessons they/ we are working through, track my parenting thoughts, sometimes vent frustrating moments, and often write about proud times I don't want to forget to document. It's a diary for my boys about their life growing up with a mother and father learning to be the best parents they can be.

It doesn't have a large readership, probably 50 people at most on a given day. The older my kids get, the heavier my heart fills with thoughts and lessons to write about, the more I lean towards figuring out the kind of parent I want to be and boys I want to raise. This may or may not vary from the decisions of my readers. Either way, it makes me stop and think about the things I type and how it will be taken from the perspective of the adults reading it; even though my intended readership is the older version of my children. I want to write more freely to them, not limit personal thoughts and experiences, keep it true and keep it going in the direction I intended when I started it.

For these reasons is it no longer public. Only Mike and I will be invited to write and read these thoughts. It's our ongoing diary to our kids that I will one day edit and publish it for them. Then it will be up to them as to whom they would like to share it with.


Often they are lengthy, boring posts many may not even read. It's the photos that may be missed. No worries, I will post them here or on my sidebar flickr account and add captions to keep you updated.