cluster notes

I read about this cool indoor skydiving place called ifly from my friend Heidi. I took Mike there to fly. It was seriously the most fun I have had in a long time, I was more excited to see all these strangers (+Mike) fly than all of them combined, actually doing it.

My favorite moments:
This bearded dude that couldn't get up initially. And Zane's face pressed against the window watching him have trouble getting up off the ground. He had a hard time controlling his body (as expected for people whom have not been skydiving before). And then the bearded dude making a face like a roaring lion at Zane once he was flying as their faces were both pressed against the glass. I think Zane might have peed his pants. I laughed so hard think I did, too.
Mike pretended like he was totally bored, but on the inside I believe he was giddy like a schoolgirl. They take turns going one at a time for a couple minutes and cycle through the whole group a couple times. He was the only one in his group to spin and also got the highest. My favorite was when his foot kicked the helper dude in the face, but he had not idea he had done it. The other favorite was this really awkward and super tall dude (sorry no pics of him). He was so uncertain of what to do (that would so be me) that his body was out of control. His arms were too stiff and his legs and feet were all over the place. Then I noticed he had on work shoes. To fly. Would you sky dive with work shoes? It's not like he just got off work and decided to stop by, you have to make your appointment weeks in advance and it was a weekend. And it's not like they were fancy like he was trying to be stylish, they were like payless workshoes with a hard bottom to them. He could have really hurt someone going in there with work shoes on. What was he thinking? Well, he made it even more entertaining to observe.

It was also awesome to see the helper dudes that worked there between groups show off. It was like seeing The Matrix live, they walked around on the walls sideways, zoomed up to the top (which seemed like it went 3 stories high) and back down at lightening speed. Mike liked the guys that did leaps like fairies the best and spun in mid-air like ballerinas.


It's never a good idea to put the baby down for a nap when he doesn't have a shirt on. Trying to slip my arm from under his body during the sneak-out is like giving the back of his neck an Indian Burn. Of course he is going to wake up upon transition.


I enjoyed watching the H&M employee pass me on his walk to work while I gingerly sipped my jamba juice while nursing the baby and doing my best to verbally restrain Zane. Hey that would be a cool band name: Verbally Restain Zane. It has an Eric's Trip feel to it. So he walks frozen and seems to have carefully molded his hair into this attempt at being messy on purpose in a gothic/ metrosexual way. And then there was this bag situated with the strap across his chest and tote part immovable at his hip. And then the trademark converse, perfectly clean and purchased no sooner than last week. He was trying so hard for a look, but wasn't quite sure what it should be, but dammit it landed him this great job at H&M so now he has to try and replicate it every day. All I could imagine was him chanting in his head as he walked by with the most upright posture of all pedestrians: "I must walk stiff so as to not upset my hair".