running man

Mike, he runs a lot. He trains like a sonofabeach and is the most chipper person I have ever met at 5am about every single day of the year. I love how he has been up for hours, running, and arrives home ready to carry on a full conversation with me during this hour before the birds are chirping. Even though I grunt and throw things at him, it's just my special way of really saying I am impressed at his dedication.

Many marathons are out of town so we don't always get to cheer him on. Recently he ran up and down and up and down a mountain. He took a camera with him and posted amazing photos of it here.

This is what we were doing while he was running:Evan helping with ideas on where to put the sign we made.

I used peanut butter from my sandwich to make the edges stick to the bar so it wouldn't be a taco sign.
This is what he looked like after a crazy mountain marathon:
Women runners in other wards have heard about him, they call him legendary. It makes me smile. Because they don't even know the half of it. Or what a stallion he is between the sheets. Oops did I just write that?