people are strange

I have a friend who always wanted to have her picture taken in a cemetary with her wedding dress on. While it's odd, I totally want to photograph her in this setting and get smoke machines and make it look awesome. I love that she has this random vision.

I always wanted to have a really short bob hairdo and to dye it electric blue. Not forever, just for a little while.

I was thinking recently how awesome it would be to wear full-on clown make-up and Bozo hair for a day. Not the shiny make-up you get at Walgreens, but a professional job where you can't see my real eye brows through it. It would be a happy face clown deal with a super exaggerated smile. And I would wear my regular clothing and run normal housewife errands. I would pretend like everything was totally normal. Like the Coneheads. I would be Clownhead trying my best to blend into society.

I would grocery shop and other moms would look at me and smile. They would think they are smiling in response to my smile, but really I would not be smiling at all. It would be great.

The best part would be that I would totally pretend to be embarrassed if someone tried to talk about it. I would look at the ground, pull up a shoulder in shyness refusing eye contact. "Um yeah, I am a clown. Can I get my dry cleaning now?" Then I would leave really fast after the transaction was completed.

It would be fun to see if me acting normal about it would cause other people to pretend it's completely normal.

I think the first place I would go would be Nordstrom's to get Zane shoes. I freaking hate that place. People tend to take themselves too seriously there. But for some reason it's where I can find cool Vans the quickest and easiest in proximity to where we live. Will you bring the hidden video?


Upon discussing my idea with Mike he thought it would be funny for someone to start up clown porn. We are guessing it's never been done. What is our deal with talking about porn so much in this household? Bozo Does Dallas. Bozos Go Wild. Triple D Clowns on Spring Break!