note to self: you are awesome

I enjoy reading Andrea's Superhero Journal, especially when she has some thought to chew on. She recently wrote of a cafe that offers a question a day for diners to ponder, answer internally or out loud to lunch mates: What is awesome about you? How great would it be to start the day giving yourself a pat on the back for your own awesomeness? I think it's a healthy dose of good idea. I spend plenty of words around here talking about ways I am working on bettering myself, it's time for a note to me about the awesome part of myself. I invite you do the same.......

It's killer how much I love food and enjoy eating.

It's also pretty cool that I can laugh at myself.

I love that I can make a fool of myself in public just to have fun with the kids or make someone laugh.
I like that I am curvy.
I am glad I am compassionate and able to communicate well much of the time.

I like that I am not competative or care muchly about Those Joneses next door.

Changing poopy diapers (my own kids that is) doesn't really sick me out.
I like my blue eyes.
I can make friends easily. That comes in handy when I move a lot.
I like that I am a such a tomboy at heart.
I like that I generally give you the benefit of the doubt upon first impression. It takes a lot for me to decide to not like someone.
I like that I am honest.
It's good that I love thoroughly and passionately and entirely.
I enjoy that I can make a good mess and not stress about it (i.e. kids+paint).
I can be direct. Making people read between lines seems like such a waste of everyone's time.
I like that I pray a lot. When I am happy, mad, frustrated, confused, worried, etc.
I like to think I am pretty cool, that is by my own coolness standards I create in my own world. I like that my own definition is sufficient, I don't need to check anyone else's list.
I like that I am genuine. I couldn't be fake even if I wanted to try.
I like that I can take a chance at tossing the routine on occasion if it means fun for all.
I like that I try new things I am curious about even if they are intimidating to me (moving, drumming, surfing, NOT drugs just say no).
I like that I have the loudest laugh in the movie theater when we see a comedy.
I am glad I understand the demands of a career and the hours it takes to maintain one well.
I am happy people think to email or call me when they have something personal they want to say and know I won't repeat it. I feel honored to be trusted, I like that part of who I am.
I like that I have worked hard over the years to not be judgemental; I keep working it out of me, it's so not becoming and I want it completely gone away. I like that I recognize this part of me each time it creeps up and keep working at it.
It's awesome of me to help when I know I am able to, but also able to say no when it's truly a hardship for me or my family. I like that I have come a long way learning that balance and self-check and have gotten a lot better at it.
I like that being outside is important to me.

I like that I generally could care less how other people choose to raise their kids or spend their money. It doesn't really affect me and my life.
It's fun to me that I love sweets.

I love that I have a creative way of seeing things, solving things, and explaining things.
I like that I am a careful mom. That I am comfy doing what I think is best even when it may appear to be different than the group norm.

I love that I believe in miracles.
I like me.