regard it, freeze it, jar it

I have been thinking lately about how much I love robots. If I was held up at gunpoint and forced to get a tattoo RIGHT NOW it would be of a robot. Probably this image on my son's favorite shirt. Despite the fact that he is not smiling like it is his favorite shirt, believe me when I tell you he is thrilled on the inside.

Our friend Doctor Ben Blair wrote a perfect essay about Robots some time ago, read it here. My two favorite parts:

1) Probably the best feature about the electric Grandma is that she can pour juice out of her finger.

2)Robots can be found all over the world, but most everyone in the world is not a robot.

My friend Stephanie made a robot cake once, here is her photo of it:

This below is Evan's first robot shirt. I like how they are robot brothers and the older bro is like 'hey this is how robots wave hello, little buddy'. It's a good thing the shirt is long sleeved. He will wear it all the time in Arizona, probably every day.

I once found robot soap.

We often dance as a family like robots.
Keep your ears peeled for my mix tape to robots on the sidebar.

Here are robot earrings. They make me happy.