to be injested inaccurately

Day One. I think it would be best to think of each day like I am on a panel for an awards ceremony. None are going to have the exact wish list, although every single one would be awesome to live in. So the awards go to........

1) Best curb appeal: That one with the green grass in front with a walking path up to the front door with a grip of palm trees. More people should have grass in Arizona, it would make for less of a parched impression.

2) Favorite Floor Plan: Open. Huge kitchen open to huge family room without the kitchen table getting in the way. Why is this so hard to design in a home?

3) Ugliest outside paint: Blue

4) Most random discovery: the parlor doors between the master bathroom and master bedroom. If only I brought the camera in for that one! I guess you could act out that Death Cab for Cutie song every night before going to bed. Crashing through the parlor doors what was your first reaction? I'll tell you mine..........

5) Biggest Surprise: The owners grieving over a death in the family. Not a good day to show the home, afterall.

Is is sick to wonder if the person died in the home?

6) Best Architecture: The Calex Home that looks like a castle. Very burly-looking homes. Left strongest impression and the desire to eat large chicken legs like a cave man every night for dinner. And drink from thick gobblets filled to the brim with dark grape juice. Barefoot, of course, with red cloaks on that include some white fuzzy trim. I think Mike will like this one the best. And Zane would love the friend next door who is also three. Evan would love getting out of that blasted carseat even if it meant crawling on nails.

7) Best Address: Bernie Street. Our first party would be called Weekend At Bernie's. Wear dark sunglasses and a Hawaiian shirt. The person who can pretend to be dead the best wins a prize. We would have this theme for every party and it would never get old.

8) Runner-up for Best Address: Lovebird Lane. How cute would it be to tell future baby #3 he or she was made on Lovebird Lane? Sure beats Greenwood and Minturn, those don't tell a very cute story.

9) Most Disappointing: The home I actually featured in a prior post, that pretty yellow one. Lame floor plan, cheap looking carpet and the stucco on the spec homes was crumbling off. I was afraid to close the door too hard for fear the front of the home would fall off.