hungry like the wolf

So house hunting in Arizona..... in this market.......after living in two of the more costly states possible.....sort of feels like I am stealing.

We are giving ourselves one week to hunt and buy. This is a crazy process, narrowing our search and determining our current plus future needs. Caring about things we never thought much about before like school districts, crime rates, floor plans, resale value, etc. It's like being engaged times 158, making too many decisions all at once and trying to get him to agree with everything I want, especially the pony.

This isn't going to be the home we buy, but isn't it awesome? I would totally wear a single braid on that porch and summon the children in for dinner by ringing a triangle.


But would I still love this home if I went to see it in person and it was lined up with 65 variations of this same perfect home? Because it's basically unavoidable in Unpainted Arizona. And that's alright by me. I am just sayin. Originality is sparse with homes there and I have to remember that or none will do.