girls girls girls

I recently shopped for two friends expecting baby girls and found myself creating my Girl Clothing Rules on the fly. It was not nearly as complicated as my Boy Clothing Rules. Many stores I looked through had several options; not the case when my boys need threads. Here are my findings for girl stuff:

1) Janie and Jack: Most of the items in this store can be found with high quality fabric and unique design with the perfect blend of colors and timeless styles. I do not recommend anything be purchased at full price as they always have an excellent sales rack. 2) Baby Gap: I had a hard time accepting the love of baby gap products, I made fun of gap shoppers before I had kids. But I have become a believer. The quality, soft fabrics and mostly normal color schemes. Most importantly, their stuff holds up for multiple children! Of all the clothing that has made it through Zane, his cousin Carter, and now Evan I would say the best looking stuff is from Baby Gap. And they also have excellent sale prices, but you have to work at it and check often to get basics and stock up on bigger sizes whenever you can.