ch ch ch ch changes

We are moving to Arizona this summer!

Although the summers are a torcher chamber of welding tools blasting your eye balls into dry sockets, I am incredibly excited. For several reasons. Family, of course, in adition to the ability to house hunt for homes built well after the date of 1928.

After living in NY and CA, I have had to retrain my brain on what the cost of living looks like there. It is a huge difference. The kind that doesn't make a lot of sense to read about because it's the difference between that bathroom in Brooklyn, the one that was in the kitchen. The one that hit the tub when you opened the door and your shoulders would touch the walls when you would pop a squat. That one that had a heating pole (?) that would burn the hell out of your back when you washed your hands in the sink that was built for a midget. And this was actually a GOOD Brooklyn apartment because the floors and paint job were new. And by paint job I totally mean it was coat # 4,624 and always covered wires, part of the window - sometimes sealing it shut forever, and electrical outlets.

When considering a home in CA when we first moved here I looked at a place in the price range we are currently seeking. It was basically an apartment with two rooms, no central air (?), no space for a washer and dryer, and did I mention it was an apartment? Every single wall was attached to someone else's home.

While I still have pangs of mourning over letting go of New York and I will forever hold a place in my happy heart for California's weather and beauty, I am thoroughly pleased to be going to my homeland. It's going to be dusty. It's going to be hot. It's also going to be exactly what we want for us and our boys and our extended loved ones. Oh yeah, the friends there are awesome, too, I can't forget them!

I can't wait to find our own home, plant my own tree, paint my own walls, and invite as many family members as we can cram into our own space for some good old fashioned desert dwelling times.