....Had a lesson on Sunday about good, better, best choices. How to spend your time by making best choices. I feel in the swing of things for the most part, but every week something drops. Good meals hit the table, but laundry is piled up. Or I am on top of the laundry, but the t.v. has been on too much, not enough outside/ kid play time. I make a best choice in one area and another lags too much.

It's like the way we all have discretionary income in our budgets, everyone has a different dollar amount some big and some small, but we still get to control how we spend that amount and plan it. But if it's not planned it usually (in my experience) gets spent on things are not the priority.

That's what is happening with my discretionary time week over week. The priorities I want to happen are finding a shortage of time cos I am wasting this valuable commodity on things I have not planned. Not bad things, I just need to plan this time more wisely so I can benefit myself and family and household better and not feel like I wake up and jump into a tornado of a day carrying me from task to task without direction. I want better control. More routine and schedule. I want to have a day where I know what I think about and what to ignore. But the flexibility to have fun opportunities happen as well. Just not the great accomplishments I want to simply be happenstance.

April is my month for planning best. FHE assignments and kits, Food Storage, fun kid outings, cleaning and laundry schedule, date nights, visiting teaching, girls night out, family vacation for the summer, reading schedule for self and with kids.