evan at seven

i love the gap between your top teeth. i love how i could park a bus between them. and how they will never be this far apart again.

i love this new squealing (really!) that probably drives anyone that isn't your mother or father insane. especially when i am on the phone. oh that sound, yeah everything is alright. it's just this pterodactyl we have flying around the house. no big deal- keep talking.

i love that you rip juicy ones all the time, but don't know that it's funny yet.

i love how your arms and legs are in constant motion. as if you are treading water during every waking moment. and then when it's diaper changing time you act like you are drowning. you love these arms and legs of yours and can't get enough practice using them.

i love the way you look at your brother and move your whole body the best way you know how to try and get closer to him.

i love that baby spoons are no longer so shallow. and that you (ultimatley) eat the food i repeatedly scrape off of your face.

i love how you are a silent partner on the go. in stores, in the car, at church, in the jogger. you are so portable and easy going in public.

i love that your poo is no longer yellow seeds. or liquid.

i love that you think your brother is the most hilarious in your world.

i love it when you rest your head on my shoulder for a few seconds even when you are wide awake.

i love how the morning sunlight makes your eyes explode with sparkling blue.

i love it that you have my nose.

i love that you sleep like a log.

i love the way you will peek around something to see me and then grin.

i love the way you smile at strangers, how happy you make people feel just by being there.

i love that your goopy eye is finally all better.

i love your laugh most of all.

i hope your seventh month birthday (tomorrow)

fulfills your wildest dreams.