It isn't very often that a photograph will make my jaw drop while inspiring me to conquer the world. That happened with an ad in February's Transworld for Ezekiel clothing.

I wish I could find the photograph, if I could I would frame it. It is Louie Barletta doing a backside wallride shuv it out sequence. The photographer, Mark Whiteley, shot it from below. It's got great depth and Barletta has so much style in the moment of that shot, which you rarely see in skateboarding photography (in my humble opinion). I also love how he nailed this trick, which probably took a lot of time to work on and perfect. Lots of falling, blood and sweat.
I don't know if it's the skater or the photographer of the ad that inspires me; perhaps it's the unique combination of both. It's hard to separate which evokes the feeling.

Photo 1 by Mark Whiteley
Photo 2 by Pete Thompson