speaking of cowboy boots

So while I was in the shower this morning I heard Zane rummaging through my closet. He called out into the air "Mom, are these your cowboy boots?'

I consider it odd my son should even ask as he knows those are his father's, but send my voice out over the shower door without even a peek 'no, those are your father's' and snicker to myself how impossible it would be for me to have cowboy boots. It's just not my thing and probably never will be for reasons mentioned in my prior post.

He's gone as I exit the shower and dress for the day. I enter the kitchen and find this:

It's always hilarious to me when my boys wear my shoes. The fact that he assumed all boots are cowboy boots was pretty good. But the best part is he thinks that they are his father's shoes based on our bathroom conversation. And he didn't even question it.
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