goodness gracious

I remember thinking food cravings in pregnancy were so lame when I heard about them prior to my own pregnancies. It just sounded to me like people were finding excuses to dig into too much food with some added dramatics. Let me tell you people, pregnancy cravings are for real. They are not to be reasoned with. They are not to be denied. They are some of the fabulous little pleasures that come with this experience. Once obtained, they are insanely delightlful. Much like sex.

Growing this little girl has been an entirely different experience with food altogether compared to the growing of my two boys. The early months involved much aversion and little appetite. Once my appetite kicked into gear fresh veggies and dairy have been all the rage. Paradise Bakery's Vegetarian Sandwich will always be on a golden pedestal in my heart for the satisfaction it has delivered these past several months. I can't eat it fast enough and the crunching of the fresh veggies between my teeth must be what a lion feels when ripping into bloody flesh. Pure goodness and enjoyment beyond words.
And then there was cherry pie. I won't lie, it was so good every time I ate it my eyes would glaze over and then roll back in my head. Ditto on cherry yogurt. Baby Swiss cheese, a necessary and vital part of my life right now. Like oxygen. Perfectly ripe roma tomatoes? They are orgasmic. They are so good to me that I dream of rolling around in a bathtub filled with slices of ripe romas. I have to call Mike on the phone to talk to him about it when I eat them because I start to feel like I am cheating on him.

The most curious of all to me happened this week. Walking through Wal-Mart I passed the Little Debbie aisle. I was glad I didn't have any desire..wait..... a...... MINUTE! Put on the shopping cart breaks. OATMEAL CREME PIES?!! Must. Have. Them. Now. The idea of biting into that soft, mushy cookie was more than I could handle. It was all I could do to not chew through the box and devour all 12 of those delights in the middle of the aisle. I was merely 2 steps away from the check-out. I had to self-talk myself all the way there, petting this precious box all the way. Whispering to it sweet nothings. We'll be together soon enough, my love.

The funny thing is how normal it seems in my pregnancy head to have this intense passion for something specific. It's also funny that I have never in my life eaten an oatmeal creme pie. In fact, I don't think you could have PAID me enough money to eat one prior to this week. I didn't even know what they tasted like. I won't even tell you how delicious it was to sit in my car and tear into that box. You might mistake such writing for romance novels if I divulge too much detail.
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