talking dirty

...So if you don't know much about 3 year olds, let me tell you words like POO and POOP are all the rage. Turns them into fits of hilarious giggles. It spreads like fire and they could say these words to each other, laugh, and repeat the cycle for hours and never tire.

We tried to put a stop to it, but it just got even worse. So now we ignore it, but try to suggest limited times when we don't say such words. At church. At the table. In front of Grandma. But really, how much effort am I really supposed to give into this process of enforcement? I have started to just ignore it and hope it will go away. Like the way dammit left his vocabulary. But once in a while he says it out of the blue by sneaking it into the middle of a normal sentance and we can't help but crack up. It's his first personal joke. And he knows how to use his potty mouth correctly. So then our snickers give him props and it flares once again. And then I wish I had initially started with the term DUKE instead so people just think we talk a lot about preparing him for college.


This week I was cleaning out the fridge while Zane was eating lunch. We had tostadas one evening and I was scooping the cold, clumped refried beans out of the container with a spoon into the trash. Zane asked in a totally honest and sincere voice: "mom, is that poop?"

Yeah, we store poo in containers and keep it in the fridge sometimes.

I bet he can't wait to tell his friends.