10.15 on a saturday night

Dear Mom,
Happy Birthday! I have thought a lot about what to get you and special things to write about you for well over a whole week. One of the things I thought about was how awesome it is that you have always been one of my biggest fans. You allow me to crack you up and have always told me I was so cool, even at times you might have been the only one in the world to actually think it. I love that you have always been good about letting me break the mold and be different and you totally go with it.

I remember in junior high you let me pick out my own clothes and no one else really got to do that. Even though I am sure you thought the things I selected were not what you would choose, you didn't express anything but validation. I think if I wanted blue hair, you would not have made a big deal about it. Which is probably why I never had blue hair.

Last week I had these big plans to play my drums and have Mike video tape it and put it on YouTube so you could finally see me play! I thought about learning a Weezer or White Stripes song just for you. Then I thought about spiking my hair out and dressing all crazy just to make you laugh. And then Zane was going to rock the tambourine and Evan his toy drum you got him. BUT I did too much thinking about this plan and little execution. But wasn't it a great idea?! Maybe next year.....

I also thought about how I wished I could send you on a really amazing vacation that didn't involve helping me with a new baby or potty training a stubborn boy. I would choose Tahiti and send you with the Rod Stewart you liked in the 80's, the one in the poster you used to have. But then I thought it would gross you out cos he is sort of old now. So I changed it to Mel Gibson because I couldn't think of any other grown-up heart throbs the ladies love at the moment. Even though I know you prefer your crushes to be on singers over actors just like I do.

Or how cool it would be for us to pick you up at lunch time from work in a really cool hot air balloon. Not like the rainbow ones, like a super awesome argyle one. And it would be filled with lots of gifts, unlike the one you are getting Friday instead of today. Because I tried to manage 2 kids, a phone conversation, and on-line order at the same time and learned today that doesn't work for me. Delivery dates get entered incorrectly (sorry again about that!).

So Mom, thanks for being awesome and always making me feel good about myself. Laughing with me, keeping your patience, and loving my children. I happen to think you are a rock star.

happy birthday.