the things that you learn

It's really sweet when my husband takes a photo of me asleep with my boys at either side of me. Saying 'it will never be like this again' and knowing they will not always like to snuggle with mommy. Taking a moment in time and appreciating how fast they are growing and enjoying their tender affection for the mama.

It's sweet until I look at the photo later in the day and realize what I look like asleep. Then I find it kind of scary, but mostly humorous that he kisses me goodbye smelling fresh, wearing snappy cufflinks, a cool shirt from T.M. Lewin, and tight buns while (at the moment) I pretty much resemble Edgar from the movie Men In Black.
Not that I am planning to put make-up on or brush my hair while he is in the shower at 6am. I could just my close my mouth, wipe away the drool and perhaps sit up straight for family prayer. You know, try a little harder at being (at the very least) human and not a sideways alien-wife.