i like my new bunnysuit

I think this song on the Juno Soundtrack is cute.

This part is fun to sing along to:

i like boys with strong convictions
and convicts with perfect diction
underdogs with good intentions
amputees with stamp collections
plywood skinboards ride the ocean
salty noses suntan lotion
always seriously joking
and rambunctiously soft-spoken


On a separate note, I am feeling less thrilled about the band Angels and Airwaves (A&A) the more I listen to them lately. It brings up the age old question: what is important in music the lyrics or the music? To me both, probably to most people the answer is a good blend of both.

With A&A I am completely smitten with the sound all instruments create together. They create a collection of melodies that make you feel like you are lifted off of the ground and in a sort of in-between place. Sort of like things around you are on pause.

But. BUT the lyrics and even at times the singer totally kills the vibe. You are enjoying it and then you stop and think about what he is actually singing and you lose the momentum of the groove. Really? You couldn't have come up with better words? You can't make your voice do something more?

I think I have grand disappointment in this band because I was hoping the reason he was no longer part of Blink-182 was for a good cause, something better. Musically I would say yes 110% it's there. Lyrics and such, not at all. They need to replace the singer and they will do much better long term as a band.

You know when you have this taste for a thick glass of freshly squeezed orange juice? Listening to them is like expecting that, but getting Sunny Delight instead. Or even Tampico.