boys don't cry

{My Boys: Christmas Card Edition}

I don't go crazy dressing my boys in high end name brands. I do not return clothing gifts of different taste and I sing praises to all the hand-me-downs we may receive. I am alright with some mismatches in their wardrobes, they just need this stuff to keep their bodies covered and warm. But when I do shop for them, I tend to be rather selective.
I have stewed a bit in my head about how I feel about my kids in matching outfits and holiday occasions. I have decided it's not something I am fond of. I think I might vaguely recall my mom trying to match us once and I just felt like we were Dweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. I also think I dislike this idea because I am the second in birth order and I spent my childhood life trying to scream 'I am my own person' louder than 'this is Lisa's little sister'. Not that it was ever bad being her little sister, I just wanted to be me and not someone's shadow or replica. Individuality sensitivity is what I can try to call it, I guess.
And then there is this realization I have when I see children in a family dressed in the same outfit, just different sizes. The smallest person in the group will always shine and upstage the rest. Any outfit usually looks best in the tiniest size. Just like the way they put smaller sized shoes and clothing on display at the store, it just look better. I think each kid deserves their own outfit statement, especially for a holiday when they get to dress a little nicer.

This Liz Rule (for my family anyway) can be bent if the same clothing is different colors. I also think it is acceptable if it is the same color scheme/ pattern in different shirt styles. Pants, shoes, socks, and white collared button-up shirts do not apply to this rule. The verdict is still out on how I feel about matching ties, give me another year or so to think about it and test it out.
I admit, there are times the matching can work on occasion for girls. I have no experience dressing this gender, so I will leave it at that.
I know plenty of people who don't agree and love the adorable matching idea, I know I am the odd man out. And that's cool, I totally say go with it if you like that. Some kids think it's awesome and probably even feel like a team this way. I just take different avenues sometimes, but that's what's killer about having our own family. You get to make your own family rules about incredibly important things like what to slap on their backs for Easter.