image from cnn.com

1) Girlfriend- what the FREAK are you doing standing next to him? You better be flipping him off under that podium. Or poking a sharp knife into his manhood.

2) Still can't believe you are standing there. I hope someone offered you a LOT of money to be there so you can take your girls on a long vacation far away from this loser.

3) I am glad you didn't force a smile. I am glad you allowed your eyes to tell us how you feel. Because we all hope to never know what it feels like for a husband to hang out with a prostitute. And it sucks you have this pain and mess to manage.

4) They showed us a clip of the two of you together before this unfolded. You looked about 20 years younger. Which is completely understandable. I imagine you have not slept for days and days.

5) Icky.