I have been pondering for a while now how to get music onto this site ever since Brandon's imeem list made an appearance. I beat my head against the computer trying to set up an account with them, then collected my own cds to upload (impossible- my collection is a mess), then ripped my hair out when I tried to log in again and couldn't remember my password or sign in. So I gave up.

Then Aubrey had these super clear and awesome videos, which have since been taken down. I vowed to email her and ask her about it so I could join the party. But I never did.

So when Ian and Sheri had their awesome playlists rockin their site I knew it was meant to be for me, as well. So hurrah for getting the music to the people for free!

p.s. the awesome thing about playlist is you (the reader) can turn it on and off like a radio. You can also remove it from my site and play it while you go to other websites (click 'launch standalone player' on the bottom of the box; my mom will love this feature).

And the playlist combos are limitless! Irrevrent, 90s, #8s that are great, girl bands, ska, heartbreak, running, roadtrip, dancepartyUSA, top ten of a single band, big hair bands, jockrock, you name it! You should put one up too, it's great fun.