psycho candy

There are several dream jobs I wish to have one day lined up in my head, none of them actually have lucrative paths. One of those jobs on the list is official candy taster/ review writer. Today I will pretend to have this job.

1) Reese's Whipps.

Um. This is a no for me. I am not a nougat fan so I am not sure why I was tempted by this one. But I love the Reese's chocolate in general, so thought it might work out. Turns out, I still hate the texture of mushy, dense, mush in my mouth and it's even less appealing to me when it has a fake peanut butter tint of flavor added to it. My lease favorite candy bar is 3 Musketeers, this candy bar rates below that one.

2) Crunch Crisp.

Yes. This is a thumbs up. Although I have to warn you, get two for a full chocolate fix. The wafers are sturdy and fresh, so you get the snappy crunch. The flavor immediately reminds me of the messy wafer cookies your grandma always has in vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry. If you like those, this will be a huge hit with you. The crunchies on top are the bland and dull part and the chocolate just thin enough. Eats more like a wafer bar than a candy bar. I wonder if they would be brave enough to try strawberry flavor? But if they do, I hope they keep the milk chocolate and don't try to go white chocolate on me.