one of THEM

i actually signed up for snack day around valentine's on purpose so i could make the heart-shaped sugar cookies. i am actually at a point in my life where the heart-shaped cookie cutter is used so much on this day, that my hand hurts from pressing it so much.
i always wondered if i would be one of 'those' moms. the heart-shaped pancakes and then sandwich. the cookies for school. it's a lot more fun than i thought. and little effort for big impact with tiny people.

i wonder if this is what that first pta meeting will feel like. a little.......more grown up (me). a step further in the parent culture.
and a little more aware of what they mean when they said "enjoy him, they grow up so fast".
and more aware of the sweet, old widow on my block who asks where I am always going, she sees me come and go 'all the time'. it's hard to imagine my life without trips to Target many times a week, the grocery store, school drop off and pick up, dry cleaning runs, play date appointments, the park, etc.
will i look out my window one day long from now, all alone, and wonder what the youngster down the street does all day coming and going?