The onset of the boy's language has been a positive thing in our home. It has resulted in fewer tantrums, more conversation, and overall general happiness among the family. It has also made grocery shopping an interesting experience.

Once we were in the produce aisle and Zane was hysterically bored. I had several items to collect at various spots, so I decided it would be best to park him in front of the avocados and a scale. He insisted it was a clock. We discussed how it does look similar to a clock, but the important thing was that he stops screaming and place delicious avocados on the scale and watch the weight change. This game was a winner as I collected all of my needed produce and we were on our way to play the pull-out-coupons in the frozen food section.

Each grocery trip begins in the produce section, which happens to be the most highly populated area of our shopping excursions. As we enter the section he immediately recalls the scale incident and gets excited to repeat the game. Normally I am in a rush to get in and out of the store so we zip through, although never without incident. Zane screams and whines and shouts for the "clock". Shoppers whip their heads around, darting eyes in annoyance.

The most wonderful part is his inability to pronounce with word properly. He still forgets the L in the word CLOCK.