the bangs

okay so the bangs.....

the night I got home the camera had several shots to choose from nestled in the card, however both the reader and inside of my camera have been destroyed by my posterity.

in sum- they are cute. jerry was brave to cut them and felt jazzed about how he did.

i am still learning to fix them and deciding how i feel about them. that feeling changes every 6 minutes. and then i looked at some other people with bangs and decided i can rock the bangs, too. i just have to wear it like i rock them.

i am glad i took to the plunge as it will encourage me to wear my hair down more often and actually make more effort to clean up and pretend to be presentable. you know, less like a housewife and more like a housewife with bangs that tries to be cool.

i think they could ultimately try to look a little like jenny lewis (above) in a couple weeks with 1/2 inch more length. although she is workin' the mini that really says 'i can have no hair and be awesome' so i honestly don't think i should ever compare any part of me to even half of her.

i just don't want to think they look cool,
but really be mistaken for a P.E. teacher.