of mullets and bullets

I can't begin to think of where to start regarding the past few days. Only bullet points come to my weary, traveled mind.

* My poor husband suffering senselessly in the restroom for two days. It was too awful to tag it as a flu. It was more like that time he had to prepare for a colonoscopy before being diagnosed for Celiac Disease. He had to eat/ drink nothing but water and chicken broth for days to make sure his system was clean. Oh, and silly me, I can't forget to mention the series of white boxes that contained medicine he was required to take, assisting in the 'cleansing' process. He lovingly refers to the results of these products as a$$punch.

* I know I am definitely riding in my mother's car when I check her CD selection:
violent femmes
new order
red hot chili peppers
another weezer
trainspotting soundtrack
all american rejects
another weezer
arctic monkeys
the strokes
kenny g
just kidding

* Why do I seemingly have the only toddler on earth interested and able to unlock dead bolts and successfully exit any door of his choosing?

* For some reason I have no idea how to strike up conversation with my extended relatives (?). It's quite confusing. When I meet strangers at the park- well, we can go on for hours.

* If I had to say there is a location that feels like home, right now in my life that would be New York. As for a scent, that would be the desert after a rain storm. There is truly no other calming aroma on earth to match it.

*My husband will most likely have an unintentional mullet by the end of his vacation.

* It is decided that holiday yard art is best if it does not involve characters. Lights are fabulous on trees, roof tops, columns, or plants - as they are cheery and bright. There could really be a post just on this topic, but I don't have the energy or evidence collected to properly demonstrate the Do's and Don'ts.

* Of all things I am grateful for this year, I would have to say NOT getting Mike's a$$punch sickness is probably towards the top of that list.